неділя, 7 травня 2017 р.

Work and Career

Hello, today I want to present my imaginary company which could find realisation in the real world in future, I hope. This organisation is called "Art's Keepers". The main spheres of our company are Art, Tradition, and Charity. The aims of Art's Keepers are saving national diverssity in culture, revealing historical secrets and despelling historical myths, and helping people who have needs of it.
 The rules of the company are very simple but so strict. As Art's Keepers try to be out of this world that's why every employee must remember two main rules:

  1. Be loyal for Art's Keepers;
  2. Be good at using their own initiative. 

 The motto of all the Art's Keepers is "History is our yesterday, Art - today, and Charity is our tomorrow." 
Work in Art's Keepers is the absolutely demanding job but every "Keeper" knows that it is the high-powered and rewarding job. Salary is according to their positions in the company. Also, we provide perks and benefits, like visiting different Arts galleries or charity events, and auctions. We value every employee no matter how high he or she climbed up the career ladder. We provide maternity leave and comprehensive healthcare provision.

Now, we have two positions available. The first vacancy is the main assistant of Modern Art. What does this work involve? Giving the notice and value for pieces of Art, visiting art's expositions which can be very often in different countries, as we work closely with several countries. The second is main editor of our magazine "Art's Keepers". The responsibility is similar, in some case.

The employee must have such qualities as having a good knowledge of art, even be second to none, be able to meet tight dedlines, be master skills and be a good team player, having a 'can do' attitude. If you want to atteend the interviews and be taken on by Art's Keepers, you should be ready work overtime, be on the go, and become up-and-coming. 

We are waiting for the first rate professional
Nika Smit: I'm assistant of expressionism. I become up-and-coming thanks to Art's Keepers. I can keep calm under pressure. And this due to my work!) 

понеділок, 24 квітня 2017 р.


Today our topic is Education. I have to own point of view according to two videos about education and school's system. 

To sum up this video I think that one of the main ideas of it is that children will study by self. Sagata Miltra also emphasises that present school's system isn't broken - it's just outdated. The next important thing is about an identification exams with punishment this is a wrong way in today's schools. There are the main elements of education that must be changed in future. Sugata Miltra also revealed his "teaching experience" with poor and rich children and it impressed me very much. Their process of developing is a proof that all the children have a right to a study and studying materials what is intended for it.


To summarise video with Ken Robinsson where he said that nearly 60-80 percent of children are leaving school in America. This is because of the wrong direction of school's system. For instance, the government should not decide what is the best education system and school's way to study children. As he said, education isn't a mechanical system, it is a human system. For solving this problem should be considered such important aspects as natural differences every child, curiosity like energy to everything and teacher' who must help them (children) in this with their creativity. School system should become more personal to every child and more involved school life with society life.

неділя, 2 квітня 2017 р.

Feelings, emotions, body language.

This music video is a piece of the Indian film "Slumdog Millionaire". I think this is one of the things that inspired me and that always can make my day. If I reviewed it when I'm feeling all in or I'm apprehensive about something. The video makes me be keeping my chin up. This is because I'm reminded of all the problems which the main character brakes and I start to believe in my own strength. I bear this belief in my mind during a long period of time.


субота, 11 березня 2017 р.

The Importance of Learning Latin and Greek Languages

Latin and Greek attract people who love history, mythology or just are romantic or scientists all time. These languages is known for more than dozen generations. And if you think, for instance, that Latin is unfamiliar to you then you are misinformed by yourself. For example, there are many words of Latin or Greek origin in each native language of European countries or in the USA, such common words as "biography, photography, autograph, philosophy, autobiography, supernatural etc".

In this way, Latin and Greek learning are important, especially for students and learners of foreign languages. However, this does not necessarily mean that you have to master those languages perfectly. It would be enough will aware of meanings Greek and Latin roots and affixes, suffixes etc.
You could appreciate this knowledge in a situation when you will do an exercise on word formation.

Also, you can regain control of understanding the context of a piece of writing or speech because you will have knowledge of Latin and Greek, and if you have words for example, with the root "phobia" you can recall words like "hydrophobia or claustrophobia" and you can be sure that it will be about some fear, or with the prefix "pseudo-" and you will know that it mens false than "pseudo-scientist" means the person who pretends to be a scientist. 

But don't put significance from unfamiliar word on familiar words such as "type subtropical climate" means climate between tropical and temperate, but "sub-" means  under, like "submarine". In addition, it will help expand your vocabulary words. So, good luck in learning Latin and Greek root and affixes!  

субота, 4 березня 2017 р.

Online Tools and Resources For Vocabulary Building

Dear Katelin, 

I'm glad for the change in your career, as I knew it was exactly what you set a goal. I'm fine and continue to do my best to use a wide range of my vocabulary. I'm waiting for a moment when you arrived in our town and to have some discussion about important to identify chosen dictionary.

For this week I got to know about new opportunities in learning English effectively. Incidentally, these take much less time, that's the way I think you must be aware of these. For instance, you can use an online learner's dictionary instead of paper dictionary and use it with remarkable ease. But the learning the same step-by-step approach task. Other viable options in this area are some online tools for learning, which will enable you to work out the easiest way with foreign articles or to find the definitions for some abbreviations.

I promise that after your arriving, we can adopt thise opportunities. Now I couldn't in detail illustrate you the all of these, but I try to include some pictures relevant to my choice of online dictionary and tools. I hope you will be more motivated to select and to use it after a while.

Yours Natali.

My list of some flashcards in the Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/_373dh9