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Environment. Nature and Wildlife. Energy Conservation

I watched two videos - Environment - protecting our habitat and resources" and "The future of energy?", I always worried with the unit of the environment. Many years ago, people began to destroy Wildlife and they continue to do it now. For people who are environmentally aware, it is clear that natural habitat, even whole the planet is under threat of human activity. For an instant, we have the global warming and greenhouse effect what led to climate change and melting glaciers. Other harmful to the environment effects and products of human activity are exhaust fumes, nuclear waste, ozone layer's destroying etc.

We must change our ways of behaviour and switch to some of the alternative energy sources, but firstly we must understand how energy conservation is important. Everyone should help for scientists saved our planet from a possible environment catastrophe in the near future.Together, we have to try to find a solution to escape or prevent dire consequences such as intense heat, suffering from widespread flooding, irreversible climate change and earthquake and others.

Also, we must be on standby as we are in the one step from the use of natural resources. In the process of finding the groundbreaking long-term solutions, we must develop and get it only from the eco-friendly design. Tt's the daunting task but it's also is an absolutely vital to get those solutions. So be more careful to our planet!

Travel. Holidays and Tourism. Migration.

 What are the concealed impacts of dark tourism? 

The definition of dark tourism - "tourism involving travel to places historically associated with death and tragedy.

Not everyone knows about dark tourism, especially not of those who can afford a trip. I find out this kind of tourism recently and I know only some facts, unfortunately. For travellers who get around and want to set out even in a remote area, I can say that you couldn't make and plan the trip in out of season. This kind of tourism was not intended for bringing a souvenir of the trip. Since ancient times, its purpose was rather than now, because today, Dark tourism is used for stripping money from tourists and manipulation with the value of associations with death and suffering rather than their historical meaning. 

First, distorted the main objectives of the dark tourism's theme by companies what made such travel arrangements or their travel agent who made the plan of everything that you could see during you go on an excursion of some tragedies place. In advance of your "dark trip" starts, you should be awareness of ethnic minority, especially in differences between their prejudice against something or even some stereotypes and the prejudice of your native land. Because you can fall not only under culture shock but also under local residence animosity.

Actually, travellers could get great experience and knowledge out of dark tourism, as they will soak up the atmosphere of some catastrophe or tragedy and could have feelings of nostalgia and also have the desire to do everything that such catastrophe never could repeat. However, the dark tourism is closely joining with "slum-tourism" in case owners of this business just trying to earn more and they don't worry about national history, people's morality or even about the local economy.

All in all, it would be better when you try to plan your trip by yourself and making sure that you know something about historical events as it could save your life and money. If you are interested in dark tourism you must understand that it more close to the business trip than to trip where you could unwind.

Media. News. Celebrity.

Festival "Ostroh Renaissance"

Nowadays, that crowded threats and losses, in an important task to remind everyone that the strength of the national spirit of the people. Festival "Ostroh Renaissance" had to recall the importance of local history, both for locals and for the whole country.

The festival began on Saturday, May 13 and took 3 days. The opening of the festival took place from the action "Flower of Life" and street-art image creation family tree Ostroh princes, that was about "Lutsk Tower". During the festival, participants had the opportunity to attend a concert violinist Myroslava Kotorovych and chamber ensemble "Artehatta" interactive evening city tours, concert program "on Castle Hill", the group "Cane Cat", it was a light show from Daniel Rudenko and many other applications. Closing held a concert pianist Angelina Datsenyuk.

We hope that the festival fulfilled its mission. From the official news can draw the conclusion that the story does not end there. Some of the guests, who attended the festival, were from Kyiv and Dnieper, and organizers expressed hope that next time will be more participants from other settlements. 

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History, Power, Conflict. His Story. Bogdan Khmalnytsky.

Bogdan Khmalnytsky is the Hetman of Zaporozhian Host. I decided to write about him as he is one of the most important people in Ukrainian history. The National War breaks out for Moscovy and the Polish- Lithuanian Commonwealth. Some historians write that he brought about National War.

Bogdan Khmelnytsky was probably born in the village of Subotiv, near Chyhyryn in the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland. History and legend told that in the village was his family who suffered from the dire political consequences. As a result, his wife murdered, the land was taken away, and he was forced into hiding. Actually, these events lie behind his decision to fight the war against the Polish- Lithuanian Commonwealth. It also means that he didn't fight for his life, he fought for the vengeance.

It's obvious that these facts can create a bad impression of Khmelnytsky but it won the respect of Cossacks. Hetman Khmelnytsky took advantages of these and several fierce fighting were defeated. All his military operation revealed that Bogdan was unwilling to compromise. But he did it when the Council of Zaporozian Host required joining the union and sign the peace treaty with Moscovy. Council of Zaporozian Host thought that after it the success is guaranteed and that peace treaty suspected that only Hetman knew that Council went badly wrong and that his campaign can fail miserably. Hopes were dashed. 

As the result, this step provokes an outcry even in our days. I don't deny that it gives dire consequences but people should try to find out before beginning to deny our historical figures. Because if consider all these aspects we will better understand that it was the time when without supporting you could be killed by your own enemy or friend. but, it is definitely that the national consciousness began to wake people clearly through his actions. That's why my choice fell to this historical figure.

Some dates of Bogdan Khmelnytsky

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Money, Personal Finance

Game Spent is a good preparing to the adult life. For the instant, this game shows how you can get in the situation when money is tight or how important is to keep track of your outgoings. There are particular life circumstances which you couldn't predict but for which you must waste money or borrow it. 

During the play, you do some choices like which job you want to choose, but there you must find out differences in salary between those kinds of jobs; and notice where you could earn a good salary. Next choice was about the house, but there are also challenges, you must decide with wich house you could economize. Sometimes, it was clearly that I couldn't afford some choice

The first my result of this play wasn't successful; I was skint before the 10th day. The second my play was more successful. But in this game, you also must pay in regardless of the circumstances. Also, there was a chance to play in a lottery but I decided not do that risk. The game Spent can help everyone to understand that money doesn't grow on trees and that something can cost you an arm and a leg.

Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Sedentary lifestyle is equal to disease

Everyone knows about the lifestyle, diseases and incurable illness because we studied or read about it at school.But everyone becomes to understand that the youth passes and that the life is not eternal in a different age. Commonly people have second thoughts when they or their relatives face some problems, for example with somebody's life-threatening illness or even death.

As a rule, after such life circumstances, people sleep on it and begin to think ahead about their lifestyle. They could come to a decision that they must change their sedentary lifestyle and get the longevity for themselves. They will have a burning desire to do it and it will be possible for them. 

The most widespread diseases and some causes which are developing with the sedentary lifestyle are such as overeating, weight gain, depressing, splitting headake, some minor ailments, dizzy, heart disease and etc. Maybe for everyone, some of them are more serious, other are less serious, but each of them is a threaten for our longevity. You must be on a diet and constantly monitor the consumption of food what is high in vitamins, carbohydrates, calcium and protein required. Also, you must remember to take up exercise and stick to your program. For the start, you can choose something like jogging, squat, sit-up and walk.

If you don't have a healthy lifestyle, you should consider all options of the opportunity of a lifetime. Because the sedentary lifestyle is just a way for a lazy person. But every person is given a chance to live as they want; we just must to arrive at a wise decision. I wish you health and longevity. 

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Work and Career

Hello, today I want to present my imaginary company which could find realisation in the real world in future, I hope. This organisation is called "Art's Keepers". The main spheres of our company are Art, Tradition, and Charity. The aims of Art's Keepers are saving national diverssity in culture, revealing historical secrets and despelling historical myths, and helping people who have needs of it.
 The rules of the company are very simple but so strict. As Art's Keepers try to be out of this world that's why every employee must remember two main rules:

  1. Be loyal for Art's Keepers;
  2. Be good at using their own initiative. 

 The motto of all the Art's Keepers is "History is our yesterday, Art - today, and Charity is our tomorrow." 
Work in Art's Keepers is the absolutely demanding job but every "Keeper" knows that it is the high-powered and rewarding job. Salary is according to their positions in the company. Also, we provide perks and benefits, like visiting different Arts galleries or charity events, and auctions. We value every employee no matter how high he or she climbed up the career ladder. We provide maternity leave and comprehensive healthcare provision.

Now, we have two positions available. The first vacancy is the main assistant of Modern Art. What does this work involve? Giving the notice and value for pieces of Art, visiting art's expositions which can be very often in different countries, as we work closely with several countries. The second is main editor of our magazine "Art's Keepers". The responsibility is similar, in some case.

The employee must have such qualities as having a good knowledge of art, even be second to none, be able to meet tight dedlines, be master skills and be a good team player, having a 'can do' attitude. If you want to atteend the interviews and be taken on by Art's Keepers, you should be ready work overtime, be on the go, and become up-and-coming. 

We are waiting for the first rate professional
Nika Smit: I'm assistant of expressionism. I become up-and-coming thanks to Art's Keepers. I can keep calm under pressure. And this due to my work!)